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Creating designs that impact brands.

Using our 10 years of experience, expertise and passion in designing, we strive to help entrepreneurs fulfill their brand visions and growth

Our expertise involving logo designing, creating marketing tools such as posters, flyers, brochures, digital motions, advertising purposes items such as billboards etc. But most of our clients recognised  us for our creative designing style in packaging and labelling. The hottest of all is of course, our impactful signature style in manipulation posters designs that usually grabs the most attention.

Providing advisory and consultations without any charges to our clients before starting a project  has always been our clients favourite part. Since we understand most entrepreneurs are eager and excited with a lot of ideas in their minds, the overwhelming feelings sometimes might get ahead of them. They need a perspective from outside looking in, to provide the best solutions either for their marketing campaigns or for their brands future growth.

We’re humbly honoured to also be a part of top brands in Malaysia. Few of which started of small years back, and we had gained a lot of knowledge working with. It’s just like watching our children grow, to see how far they’ve got brings a lot of emotions to us too.

For our future visions, we warmly welcome great masterminds behind products and brands in Malaysia. We are ever ready to be part of your success story, let’s work together and fly higher!

Brand discovery

Brand discovery refers to the process of studying the brand and understanding the unique value that it offers about customer needs, competition, and the marketplace. Brand discovery will disclose the strengths and weaknesses of a brand and also identify the most valuable brand offerings.

Packaging design & Dieline

Packaging design is the connection of form, structure, materials, colour, imagery, typography, and regulatory information with ancillary design elements to make a product suitable for marketing.” To put that into a simpler form: Your packaging is an element of your marketing strategy.

A dieline serves as a package template that ensures proper layout for a printed product. It is a diagram that shows all the cut lines and folds of a package in flattened form. They are also used for envelopes, pocket folders and more.

Packaging Illustration

For example, a good illustration is the one which defines and characterizes the graphic design of a packaging giving a strong personality to the product and strengthening the corporate identity at the same time.